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ASIA-PACIFIC CENTRE for the STUDY and Training of LEISURE (APCL) at Zhejiang University

  I. Brief Introduction

The Asia-Pacific Centre for the Study and Training of Leisure (APCL) at Zhejiang University is an international organization engaged in leisure education, research, application and promotion. It has been jointly established by the World Leisure Organization (WLO), Zhejiang University (ZJU), the Hangzhou Municipal Government, and the Hangzhou Songcheng Group. APCL is the authoritative education and research organization of WLO in the Asia-Pacific area.
On Nov. 26, 2004, during the Opening Ceremony of 2004 Leisure Economy International Forum, Dr. Gerald Kenyon, Director of WLO to EXPO2006, and Prof. Pang Xuequan, Vice Secretary of CPC of ZJU and Director of APCL, jointly unveiled APCL at ZJU, which symbolized the formal establishment of the Centre.

II. Goals

APCL is an open and non-profit academic research and education training organization, under the leadership of its Board. The Centre takes the related subjects and teaching and research facilities of ZJU as its base. Its education and training will be incorporated into the academic research and education training administration system of ZJU.
As for academic research, it will be based on projects, and academic researchers from different universities will be organized to participate in them. WLO provides academic support and promotion outside China, while Hangzhou Municipal Government and Songcheng Group provide policy resources, partial research funding, and conditions for market development. Board members will consist of representatives from the organizers and other related organizations.
The centre will be the think tank for the Organizing Committee of EXPO 2006, an important base for domestic and international leisure study and research, the representative organization of the WLO and its education and research centre in the Asia-Pacific area. If conditions become mature, undergraduate studies, postgraduate studies and doctoral studies will be established by APCL.

III. Scope of Service

1. Academic Research: Conduct academic research on basic theories concerning leisure and leisure culture, and the leisure industry and its management;
2. Training and Development: Train and develop persons with aptitude for various types and levels of position in the leisure and related industries; also to accept foreign students;
3. Consulting: Provide consulting service for government departments at different levels;
4. Project Planning: to provide project planning and development in the leisure and related industries;
5. Activities: Plan and organize exhibitions, ceremonies etc;
6. Cultural Promotion: Promote public understanding of leisure and conduct other public activities for the dissemination and promotion of leisure culture;
7. Information Integration: Establish a database on leisure research, to set up a website for the Centre, to edit and publish journals and books for leisure studies;
8. Evaluation System: Establish an evaluation system for the leisure industry to enable access and certification of the leisure and related industries.

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